Coach Frank first entered the world of fitness just out of high school, working his way up through the ranks of a local gym in his hometown, starting as a court monitor. A natural athlete, Frank began to train himself and quickly fell in love with the process of body recomposition. He dedicated all of his time and energy to mastering the art of personal training and in the Summer of 2006, Frank became nationally certified. As he began to grow and establish a clientele, he quickly proved he had a gift – the success stories began to accumulate – and his body of work was undeniable.

Over the next decade, he excelled as a trainer and eventually found himself managing large scale personal training and fitness departments. Having established a strong business acumen in addition to his growing skill set as a trainer, Frank decided to venture out on his own. TreauFitness was born.

One of Frank’s strengths is being able to train people from all different walks of life. Having success with everyone from single moms to corporate officers to professional athletes, Frank realized his niche was creating change solely through nutrition and training. From the beginning, Frank could see things in people they couldn’t always see in or for themselves. One day, while training, he decided to test that theory and offered to train his first potential client for the stage. He had found a new fire. And it spread quickly…

Frank loves to take a hands-on approach with his clients as much as possible – often inviting them to team training sessions or traveling out of town to train them, in person, when he feels it necessary. He has a gift for pushing clients past their potential but, also serves as an example to each client he coaches. Ultimately, he stays true to the basics: believing that if you eat right & train hard, the results will come. His best success stories are often the most unexpected ones.

Frank’s ideal client understands the sport of bodybuilding is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. They are coachable.  They can accept constructive criticism and apply what they are being taught not just to their fitness journey but, to life. They also understand consistency is key. 

Frank frequently trains alongside his team to lead by example – pushing himself to new places every time he picks up a weight and he has yet to be outworked! Frank’s process is proven, on and off stage. Many of his clients would confirm he’s tough but, it’s because he cares. You choose Frank because you want to be the best version of yourself. It’s not just about the win or getting to the lowest number on the scale but, about your complete well-being.

Frank was encouraged to compete at a fairly early point in his fitness career but, started to really take it serious when he began coaching.  Continuing to be the example, Frank began competing in the Men’s Physique division and won several of his shows.  He earned the Overall MP title at Jay Cutler’s VA Classic in 2017 as well as the 2019 Clash of the Titans. He then went on to earn his Pro Card at the 2019 Teen Collegiate and Masters’ Nationals and is currently hard at work preparing for his Pro Debut.

When Frank is not training (himself or others), you might find him researching the sport, watching ESPN or hanging out with family and friends. When he’s in-season, he adheres to a strict diet of lean proteins and veggies and all carbs serve a purpose. When he’s not in prep, he enjoys pizza, with all the meats, or a good burger on the weekends.



Frank is the Founder and CEO of Treau Fitness. With over a decade of experience, he has worked with numerous clients in developing fitness and nutrition programs for performance, muscle gain and weight loss clients. Frank is a licensed and certified personal trainer (NASM, APFA, IFA) and utilizes his knowledge and experience to customize coaching and nutrition programs for each client. No two programs are alike. You will receive a plan that is unique to YOUR goals. Frank is also a Physique competitor and understands first-hand the importance of routine and discipline in order to be successful.

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